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The office of the governor is the highest office in the executive branch of the State of Nevada

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The governor's duties are to enforce state laws, approve or veto bills passed by the state legislature, convene the legislature at any time, and under the exception of treason or impeachment, grant pardons and reprieves.


Those seeking the governorship must hold Nevada citizenship for 122 consecutive days, acquire the account age of 365 consecutive days , and possess no more than 1 felony. Governors serve 4 month terms, and may only serve up to 2 terms.

Current Governor

The current governor, captainchrissygaming, is serving as the 1st Governor of Nevada. Captainchrissygaming is the primary builder/scripter of the state and founded the group alongside the current lieutenant governor. Captain started out in 2020 as the mayor in an "Anomic" roleplay based group until they moved to the current State of Nevada. They often held city council meetings with the rest of the cabinet and successfully reduced crime in a city full of gangs, ro-bangers, and armed noobs. When they departed from the city, they informally opened up the "Nevada National Guard" which has since been reformed to fit the current status. In the early stages, Nevada National Guard often patrolled in "Anomic" and held trainings in the "Western Nevada Readiness Center." Until reformed.