NV-USA The State of Nevada Wiki

The government of Nevada is comprised of three branches, the executive, legislative, and judicial.


The executive branch of Nevada is headed by the chief magistrate, the governor. Beneath the governor is the cabinet and other elected officials. The branch is comprised of the following below. Upon election, the governor makes their picks for non-elected cabinet members. They are required to make nominations for Corrections, Transportation, Health, Administration, and Public Safety, all other nominations are optional due to unrealistic number proportions.

Executive Branch
Honorable Director of the Dept. of Director of the Dept. of Other
Governor Administration Agriculture Executive Director of the Office of Economic Development
Lieutenant Governor Business and Industry Conservation & Natural Resources Superintendent of the Department of Education
Corrections Tourism and Cultural Affairs Adjutant General of the Nevada Military Department
Employment Office of Energy Chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education
Health and Human Services Indian Commission Executive Director of the Department of Veterans Services
Motor Vehicles Personnel
Public Safety Transportation


The legislative branch